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Injection molded plastic products and components are staples of modern medical technology. Abele Ingenieure offers a full range of planning solutions for all aspects of automating injection molding processes. With us at your side, your injection molding operations will benefit from our profound expertise in highly complex automation projects.

Plastic components for medical equipment are both mass products and precision products. This results in high demands on production systems, which we reliably meet by taking the time to truly understand our customers’ needs and focusing on providing the optimal mix of high-performance vision and quality systems. In doing so, we strictly adhere to the requirements of production in cleanroom conditions, and work in accordance with ISO 14644-5, GMP and GAMP.

At a glance

  • Custom-designed, modular plants
  • Cleanroom qualification according to DQ/IQ/OQ
  • Integration of add-on systems of any kind possible
  • Maximum plant availability
  • High product variability on a single plant possible

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