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Ideas ahead of our time

The Abele Ingenieure have been an experienced solution provider in mechanical and plant engineering for more than 50 years. As experts and innovation partners, we accompany our customers on the path to high-performance automation.

Our strength lies not only in understanding complex processes, but also in taking them to a new level in terms of quality, performance and efficiency. Our creative minds combine individual components to create an efficient whole. From the initial idea to realisation and 24/7 service, we offer everything from a single source.

Welcome to the Abele engineers!

1973 by Anton Abele

Managing Director
David Abele


High-performance automation from A to Z

KUKA System partner

What we care about – what makes us tick

Basing our relationships with clients, suppliers and employees on a spirit of fairness and partnership is important to us. This gives rise to long-term business relationships which equally benefit all parties involved.

From our perspective, your need is our challenge. We tackle your project with enthusiasm and a holistic and success-oriented approach. We seek out the very best solution for you –tirelessly and without compromise.

How we act and present ourselves is informed by the highest level of professionalism – because we’re driven by our ambition to deliver perfection.

We’re looking for more than just a solution – we’re always looking for the very best solution. This is in keeping with our motto: “Nothing can ever be so good that there’s no room for improvement.” Our innovative power plays a decisive role in our ability to always live up to our motto.

We’re constantly adapting to our clients’ requirements, concerns and wishes. Thanks to our highly qualified and specialized experts, we can respond with speed and flexibility to changing conditions both before and during a project.

Expertise doesn’t just appear overnight. We’ve been specialising in the planning and construction of machinery for over 45 years now. This experience is invaluable for us and our clients – and we’re continuing to expand it.


David Abele,
Managing Director


A chartered engineer (Association of German Engineers VDI) with a specialisation in development and construction, David Abele worked as a project manager and design engineer in a wide range of areas. He joined the company 2004 and become Managing Director of Abele Ingenieure GmbH in 2008.

David Abele, General Manager Abele Ingenieure

David Abele,
Managing Director


» Creativity is a competitive factor. «

Abele Ingenieure feels strongly rooted in Augsburg. To strengthen society and the local economy, we systematically support local institutions, clubs and organizations.

To promote young engineering talent, we fund projects which give engineers-to-be a space where they can evolve and gain experience. For this reason, we sponsor the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. Furthermore, our Managing Director David Abele is actively involved in the Association of German Engineers (VDI) in Augsburg.

True to the spirit of our company founder Anton Abele, Abele Ingenieure has supported the “Fördern und Fordern e.V.” association of the Augsburg Rudolf-Steiner-School for special-needs children as well as the Schäfflerbach sheltered workshops. We also sponsor the Augsburger Kammertheater and the Augsburg Water Rescue as well as many other projects which are close to our hearts.

fördern und fordern e.V.“, Verein zur Integration von Menschen in die Lebens- und Arbeitswelt

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